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This site is a growing source of information for the players of Vendetta Online. Here you will find guides, a FAQ, and other information that will be updated as the game is. Check out the Wikipedia Vendetta Online entry.
If you want to edit pages all you have to do is create an account. The syntax can be found here. Please feel free to fix grammar, spelling, and incorrect information. Also, check out the 'What can I do' page to see what is going on that needs to be done.

Documentation On Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online. January 2 at 1:09 AM SERVER SIDE UPDATES - MANY FIXES A lot of fixes have been made on the server-side over this past week. We started testing them on Thursday, and followed up with more fixes and a full server restart on Friday night.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers on the game.
Glossary - Common Words, used by Vendetta players.
Rules - The rules of Vendetta.
IRC - Where we are in IRC, and how to use the Vendetta relay bot.
Factions - Information about the different factions and nations.
Backstory - Vendetta Online's story on how we got here.
Easter Eggs - Easter eggs that exist in Vendetta Online.
ChangeLog - Changes made in the different versions of Vendetta Online.
Plug-ins - player-made addons for Vendetta Online

Pirating - So, you want to know about pirates? Yarrr!
CtC - Information on the Capture the Cargo competition.
Dueling - A quick guide to Duels and Dueling Etiquette.
Border Combat - The front line of the war between the Serco and the Itani
Player VS. Player - A quick guide to PvP in Vendetta.
Hunting the Hive - How to do your part in the war against the Hive.
Station Conquest - Several stations in the game can be captured by players

  • Vendetta Online is a 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in space. Pilot your spacecraft online alongside thousands of others and build your reputation as a military pilot, explorer, merchant, mercenary, pirate, and more. Join guilds and fly group missions against player and nonplayer opponents.
  • This site is a growing source of information for the players of Vendetta Online. Here you will find guides, a FAQ, and other information that will be updated as the game is. Check out the Wikipedia Vendetta Online entry. If you want to edit pages all you have to do is create an account. The syntax can be found here. Please feel free to fix.

Racing - The race tracks & large sponsored races such as the Deneb Run™.
Mining - Guide to mining, along with equipment and ore info.
Trading - How to trade and tips.
Roleplaying - Get started with the role-playing aspect.
Manufacturing - Some items can be created by players.

Ships - A handy list of the types of ships in the game.
Equipment - A handy list of the add-ons available in-game.
Bots - The types of bots such as the hive and NPCs.
Badges - A list of the discovered badges.
Missions - The different missions and explanations.
Stations - A list of stations by Faction.
Systems - A list of Systems with information on special sectors.
Guilds - Information on the guild system.

HUD - What each part of the HUD does.
Station Interface - How to interact with stations
PDA - Your omnipresent personal digital assistant
Skins - User created skins.
GTS - Galactic Trade Standard. The language of tomorrow.
Binds - Aliases and Binds for the game.
Navroutes - Useful navigation routes.

Player Contribution Corps - User created game content.
Design Wiki - Devs' plans for the future (of vendetta).
VPRpedia - A wiki on pirate activity, maintained by the Vipers.
Strategy Guide - An Unofficial Online Guide.
Serco Dominion - The Unofficial wiki of the Serco Dominion
User Creations - User created fiction and artwork (not including ships)
Player Designed Ships - Link to the images of player created ship concepts.
Backstory in Japanese - Work in progress, Japanese translation of the backstory (日本語の裏話)
Credits - You know, who did what around here.

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Pilot your own spaceship in a persistent universe and interact with thousands of players in this space-themed MMO

What's new in Vendetta Online 1.8.494:

  • Added blinking arrows to the offline strafe tutorials on mobile versions.
  • Reduced the lengths of some of the offline training tutorials on mobile.
  • Improved precision of camera calculations on Android version when far away from the center of the sector.
  • Fixed issue with very low resolution screens truncating menus on Android.
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Although it’s still fairly far away from being a reality, intergalactic travel is going to happen sooner or later. Whether it’s going to be slow and not very exciting to an outside observer or full of mystery and adventures like a Star Trek episode, only time will tell. Until then, we have to make do with video games and simulate the experience using computers, which can undoubtedly be a lot of fun as well.

A persistent universe for everyone to be a part of

Vendetta Online is a long-running MMO that allows you to pretend that you are a space pilot and explore a fascinating universe filled with all sorts of interesting things. Not only that, but it is also possible to choose your very own path when it comes to the road your character follows along the way, whether it’s a life of crime and ruthless piracy, or the peaceful existence of a trader.

In the beginning, there are a few starting Nations you can choose from, each one of which provides a different set of abilities in the beginning. However, this initial choice does not affect your ability to pick something else along the way, so don’t fret about whether you took the right decision or not. Good or evil, it doesn’t really matter, because the experience morphs and molds into whatever you want it to be, which is how all MMOs should be like.

Customize your character and your ship

Customization is an important aspect in every online game, because it allows the players to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd and create an original persona. In Vendetta Online, this is easily achieved by modifying your spaceship and personalizing every aspect of it. Besides that, your pilot can also be steered onto the desired path, by choosing a faction to side with and improving a variety of different skills.

Combat is obviously present as well, because space is rarely peaceful. PvP is allowed in any region of the map, although it can be rather tricky to attack someone near the base of a rival faction. PvE is available as well, so you can practice your skills without hurting other players in the process. Speaking of which, the combat is in real time and it doesn’t involve a luck factor, which means that everything is up to your skills as a pilot.

The perfect choice for every space lover out there

In the end, Vendetta Online is a complete product with more than enough depth to please even the most demanding players. Hence, if you have a passion for space-related video games and you would enjoy being part of a volatile universe, the game at hand is one of the better choices you can make.

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  • Limited gameplay
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