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You will have the option of playing slot machines online either for free via a demo mode version of each game or for real money. The idea behind offering slots as free play ones at all casino sites is to allow players to be able to play any new slot machines that may have been launched or slots they have never seen or played before to see how they work, play and pay.

This is the easiest way to measure how a real money slots app will pay you back in the long-term. It is a percentage against a breakeven level of 100%. As it drops below 100%, the house edge rises. Real money casinos in NJ. New Jersey online casinos started it all, launching the first legal and regulated US casino games in November 2013. There are now more than two dozen licensed online casinos available via computers and mobile devices, online and mobile sports betting, and online poker rooms, all running across the state. The online casinos run a huge variety of slots. Free slots spins are a common bonus for real money casinos, so taking advantage of those can help to kick-start your bankroll before you ever have to make a deposit. Real money casinos will offer free slots spins to players to give them a chance to try out a few select games.

However, you may be wondering how do free play slots compare to real money slots, and may also be wondering if the free play slot machines have been designed with much higher payout percentages than the real money slots.

As long as you stick to playing at any of our featured casino sites you will find both the free play and real money slot games will have the exact same payout percentages, so you will get a true and real feel for the way they payout when playing them in either mode.

You will not want to have the false impression that real money slots are going to pay out more than they do, and that is why we say stick to playing at our featured casinos for their slot games play and pay in the same way when playing them in the demo mode or real money mode!

Playing Free Play Slots Online

Some unscrupulous casinos will increase the payout percentages on their free play slots so inexperienced players get the impression the real money slots will be just as generous as those much higher paying free play slot machines!

That is why you will be best off playing at our featured casinos, for by doing so you will be given an unlimited and therefore endless supply of free play credits allowing you to play as many different slot machines as you want to play and can play them for as long as you like too!

One thing to be wary of however if you are looking for mobile slot machines is slot and casino apps that charge you to top up your demo mode credits!

Free Slot For Real Cash

When you play those types of mobile slot game you are initially award a certain amount of credits but when they run out you are given the option to buy more demo mode credits. As those demo mode credit have no value and you cannot win real money prizes with them it is pointless paying for them!

Free Slot Tournaments

There is a way that you can play slot machines online and occasionally at some mobile casino sites for free and at no risk what so ever but you have a chance of winning real cash prizes, and that is by you signing up to and entering a range of free to enter slot machines tournaments.

When you enter a slot tournament you will be tasked with trying to spin in as many winning combinations on the tournament slot as you can for every single winning payout you do spin in is awarded as points and not cash payouts.

Slots That Pay Money

You are given a certain amount of time to play off your slot tournament credits and once your credits or your timer runs out the number of points you have scored will determine whether you win a cash prize of not.


It is usually the players who manage to achieve the very highest scores in a slot tournament that win the prizes, however the payouts and number of players who will win a prize can and does vary from casino site to casino site, but these freeroll slot tournaments as they are known are always worth entering!


Please do consider signing up to some of the casino sites we have chosen to showcase to you throughout our website for when you play for at those casino sites not only will you be given the option of playing all of their slot machines for free and at no risk you will also be able to play lots of new slot machines too.

We have made a concerted effort to only showcase and introduce to our website visitors a range of casino sites, both online and mobile casino and slot sites that do regularly update and refresh their game suite with lots of brand new slot machines.

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Slots That Pay Real Money For Free

Real Money Casino Slot Games

As you can of course sample the delights of playing those brand new slot machines at any time for free you will be able to play them to your heart’s content at no risk until you have fully mastered the way they all play and will be able to play them long enough for the bonus games and bonus features too all trigger so you will find out how exiting those bonus games and bonus features really are!