Roulette Grand Jeu

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The Amatic Roulette Grand Jeu remains one of the most sought after electronic roulettes in this country with well over 1,500 in operation throughout the country. The company presented the latest Roulette Grand Jeu with the stylish, brand new Corona II overhead design that incorporates a large screen that can be viewed from both sides.

  1. Grand Roulette Jeux Gratuit
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  • Please visit GA if you lose the Roulette Grand Jeu Tips ability to control your betting patterns online. Please be honest with yourself and refrain from playing in heightened emotional states.
  • The Roulette Double Up. So this strategy can be quite rewarding, but at the same time risky. Whenever you claim a casino bonus, the first thing you should do Roulette Grand Jeu Como Ganar is to take the Roulette Grand Jeu Como Ganar whole Roulette Grand Jeu Como Ganar amount and bet on either RED or BLACK on Roulette.

The Grand Jeu 22 WS is the new definition of ultimate electronic roulette gaming. Beautiful Austrian design combined with manufacturing prowess – again completely made in Austria to create a new, exciting and fantastic electronic roulette solution.

Thus, the respected precision engineering from Amatic Industries of the Grand Jeu has been taken a step further. The Grand Jeu 22 WS combines all the available features of its predecessor and introduces exciting new features as well.

To find out more about the new 8 Player Roulette Grand Jeu WS, contact Genesis Games today or call us at +44.1494.773030.

Roulette Grand Jeu

Roulette Grand Jeu 22WS is the ultimate electronic roulette solution from AMATIC. It enables players to participate in a live roulette game from the privacy and comfort of individual video terminals. The 22WS 8 configuration provides space for up to 8 players around the table. Furthermore it can be connected with numerous satellite terminals to allow many more players to join the live roulette. With its beautiful design, made of the finest materials and incorporating only the best electronic components, the Grand Jeu 22WS is built for 24/7 play. Just like the smaller model of the Jeu, this is the grand jeu table 22WS 5

Specifiaction roulette Grand Jeu 22 WS table

Grand Roulette Jeux Gratuit

The Grand Jeu 22 WS combines all available features of its predecessor and introduces exciting new functions as well. Fitted with 22” touchscreen monitors, a great roulette gaming experience is guaranteed. Alongside with a huge number of innovations and new features, the successful AMATIC Multi game configuration can also be integrated in order to increase gaming fun. The possibility to connect the Grand Jeu 22 WS roulette with a desired number of satellite terminals makes it the most flexible and complete electronic roulette gaming solution in the gaming market.