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Feb 02, 2018 Square Pool. This is the most famous Super Bowl betting game, and it’s one most of you have probably played at a party. If you haven’t, you just need a poster board, a magic marker, a ruler, and basic math skills. A football pool using “squares,” typically a 10 x 10 grid, is an easy way to get a group of people to bet on a football game using a random assignment of numbers to. Football Pool Online Football Squares Online makes it easy to set up and play your NFL or college football pool. It's the traditional football squares game - only better! Host a game for only $5 - with unlimited players Your football square pool is totally online. Set up your teams and game rules; Email your friends directly from the game manager. Join the pools online sports betting and gambling. Casino, Live Casino and Virtuals. The best live dealers. Over 20 sports for you to bet on. Over 180 slots games to play. Roulette, Blackjack, Poker. All the big events, all the big markets at thepools.com. 9-ball Pool is played with nine balls numbered 1-9 plus the cue ball. With each shot, the cue ball must first contact the lowest ball on the table or it is a foul. A player's turn continues until the player misses, fouls, or wins the game by sinking the 9-ball. The game ends when a player legally sinks the 9-ball or when a player fouls out.

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You might known the film Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. You might not know that dead pool betting is a real thing. The concept is to place a bet on which celebrity will be the next to kick the bucket. Tasteless? Bad karma? Or just plain fun? Read on to find out…

How Did Dead Pool Betting Begin?

Dead pool (AKA death pool or ghoul pool) betting grew popular in dangerous motorsports where viewers would place bets on racers who might not make it.

The idea has evolved to include bets on any celebrity who might die within the year. With the growing list of stars who’ve passed away in 2021, this year might be a good one to try out a dead pool bet.

Doing this kind of research isn’t for the faint-hearted. Many practiced ghoul pool bettors read gossip columns and tabloids to see if any celebrities are sick, old, or, as we mentioned, dangerous sports athletes.

While this might seem like a morbid and tasteless type of bet, there is also an element of harmless fun.

How Does Death Pool Betting Work?

Death Pool betting normally runs over the course of a year. You can bet on when a celebrity might die, and how. Wagering on how a person might die increases the difficulty of the bet, as you could choose anything from car accident through to heart failure.

Given the year-long duration, you’ll often have some waiting to do before you can see if your chosen celebrity meets their maker.

Several sites have fees for playing, largely due to the community upkeep and technology involved in the sites.

Here’s how it works:

You pick a selection of celebrities from the database (they have to be known famous people; your local mayor doesn’t count) to create a ‘funeral home’ or ‘death watch list’.

Your points are calculated by a scoring system. You begin with 100 points per celebrity. When one of your chosen celebrities dies, their age is deducted from 100 points, and any bonuses you gain from guessing correctly are added.

Pool Betting Games

The formula is: (100 – Age) + All Applicable Bonus Points = Total Score.

Some popular sites for death pool betting are:

Now you know the practicalities, onto the research. There are sites which monitor which celebrities are alive or dead to help you keep tabs on which potential celebrities to bet on.

These sites are divided between age, profession, birthdays, people over 85 and many other categories, so you can make a more informed (if pessimistic) decision. Here are some well-known ones:

It’s useful to bear in mind that the oldest or sickest celebrities aren’t necessarily the ones who’ll kick the bucket first. The most obvious guesses won’t earn you many points either, so it pays to think outside the box with your predictions.

Is Dead Pool Betting Legal?

While you put down money on dead pool betting, it isn’t classified as gambling.

In the UK, while death pool betting is considered outside of the realms of gambling, it is technically legal. However in the US and Canada, predicting celebrity deaths falls into the same grey area as online gambling and poker.

For more information on Canadian betting laws, check out our guide here!

Football pool betting games

People like to create gambling games out of anything and the game of pool is no different. Just like you can bet on sports or casino games, betting on pool is a great way to make the game more enjoyable and to also come out with some extra money in the process. However, unlike most of the games you’ll find at a new casino – playing pool for real money means you can play at your own pace, making it much more friendly for groups of friends to enjoy.

There is a very long relationship between gambling and shooting pool. Gambling could be explained to be a very simple exercise where you agree with your opponent on some details and the amount you are betting, and the winner goes home with everything.


Selecting an Opponent


When you first begin to wager with others on your game stay in your end of the pool. Risk your money with folks of your own skill level or below. Get used to winning. Feeling like a winner and being confident in your abiity to win the cash is key to moving up in the food chain, up to where the real money can be made. As you gain expreience you will find the nerves become a lot more calm and winning becomes a habit.

Don’t Gamble With Angry People

While gambling, you should try to avoid troubles as much as you can. You may be meeting someone in a bar where you normally go to enjoy a pool game, and where you also have other friends or where you are friendly with the staff already. You are not advised to pick any random person you meet, so as to make some easy cash out of them. The caveat is for it to be someone who is relaxed and easy going. Avoid the loud braggart. Anyone whose ego can get bruised easily should be off your play list. They do not know how to lose gracegully.

Find Out the Details

How Much Can You Wager?

Do not bet everything you have on you, because you may want a rematch if you lose, and you can’t do this if you stake everything in the first attempt. That is why you must build a gambling-only bankroll, so that if you lose, it won’t be a big deal for you. Never chase lost money.

Don’t Bet A Huge Amount With A Stranger

If you encounter someone for the first time and he demands for you to bet $1,000, you should decline the offer immediately. You do not yet know how good they are. Wait until you have played them or seen them play before risking the bankroll. You might put $20 at risk to judge his game, but be wary. Anyone who hits you with a big number starting off might have knowledge that you do not have, including their intentions of paying up should they lose.

Find Out the Number of Games to Play

The common thing is to play a race to a set number of games. Most amateru races are between 3 and 7 games. The meaning of a race is when both players are making efforts to achieve a particular number of wins. The race is won by the first person that wins the set number of games. There are varying numbers of games involved, depending on the length of time you want the match to last. You need to be sure about these details first.

Getting Weight or Relinquishing Weight

In 9-Ball the best way to get weight by racing to fewer games. If I am up against someone that is better than me, I will most likely race to 3 games when the opponent is racing to 5. When playing 8-Ball I give up weight by taking some of the opponents balls off of the tabe so he has fewer to shoot. This is the way that many hustlers give weight, because it makes the table clearer for you and gives you an easy run on the table.

One example is for you to take 2 balls away from the table for your competitor after the break.

With this, they’ll most likely miss one of the remaining balls at least. The table will be open for you when this happens, and you can run it.

What Rules Are There?

The format must be agreed on, such as what rule set to use (BCA, APA, BCAPL, etc.) and what break format to use. Winner breaks is the most common. Now, one of the most disturbing things is to disagree on the rules while the game is underway. That is why you should be clear on the rules before the game starts, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Football pool betting games

Can I Leave After Winning?

The gaming etiquette out there is to allow your opponents to have a shot at winning back their money. If they want to go on playing, you should stay put and allow them to keep losing till they give up. If there is a compelling reason for you to leave at any given time, you need to inform them on time. That is best done prior to the first break shot ever happens.

Is It Legal to Gamble or Hustle in Pool

Online Betting Pool

This will depend on where you reside. In most of the United States it is not illegal for two players to wager with one anohter on the ourtcome of the games that they play together. However, no one who is not in the game may wager as they can have no effect on the outcome of the game. Since they cannot affect the game with their skill they are gambling and that is illegal.

Good Movies about Pool/Billiard Gambling

Some of the awesome pool movies are listed below. You won’t find many of them out there, but a few of them are outstanding. The ones listed below are some of my most cherished of them. You should enjoy them, and ensure not to lose like some of the shooters in the movies below:

  • Turn the River
  • Poolhall Junkies
  • The Color of Money
  • The Hustler
  • Final Note

Masters Betting Pool Games

All you need is to ensure to have fun. Gambling in pool is a game first of all, before anything else. You should also read up articles on the best tips to help you focus while playing pool. If you have a hard time staying focused in an intense game of pool, this might be of help to you. If you are serious whenever you gamble, you are doing work and not having fun. So, loosen up and have fun. Meanwhile, you should also stay safe while making money. Enjoy!