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Today, we’re here to talk about real money roulette online casinos for USA players. By the end of this, our goal is for you to find a roulette casino to play at and have a better understanding of how roulette works.

  1. Online Roulette For Real Money
  2. Live Online Casino Roulette

If you’re ready to jump right in and play some real money roulette online, you’re in luck. Right here, we have a list of our top US casinos that offer online roulette for money.

Most roulette online casinos will have many different banking methods. Because of this, you can rest assured you will be able to find the right option for you. After you’ve made your deposit, it’s time to get ready to win real money from playing roulette online! Step #3 – Win Real Money by Playing Roulette Online! Playing roulette online just doesn’t have the same sights and sounds of a real casino. With live dealer roulette, you get the full immersive casino experience with HD-video and crisp, clear sound. It’s the next best thing to being in a real casino, with the privacy and safety advantages of being at home!

Play online roulette at for your chance to experience a rich diversity of game variants that are incredibly fun, full of win opportunities, and accessible 24/7 via desktop or mobile. The first place you can play roulette online for real money is on Bovada. This is an online roulette game real money is involved in it. It's a good choice for people from the USA. The reason for this is that there’s a number of different options at Bovada. For example, you can try sports options in between all of your casino options.

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Now, if you still need more information on roulette, we will spend more time in this article breaking down everything you need.

From different roulette variations, legalities, and common questions we get, by the end of this, you will be a roulette expert! Let’s get started.

The Different Variations of Roulette

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • No-Zero Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • Multi-Wheel Roulette

Now, we won’t get into specifics on every game, but we’ll cover the most popular. We will focus mainly on the American and European variations.

American Roulette

Players in the USA are most likely more familiar with the American variation; however, this has some of the worst odds.

American Roulette will be found in all major US-based casinos, like in Vegas or Atlantic City. Anybody that knows the game of roulette well knows to stay away from American Roulette games. The reason is because of the “00” on the wheel. This gives the casino over 5% in house edge, compared to other versions that are only around 2%.


We’ll get into more detail about the lower house edge and the double zero later.

Here is an example of an American Roulette wheel at the online casino Bovada:

For this specific game, this is the pay table you will see.

Roulette BetPayout
1 to 181:1
19 to 361:1
1 to 122:1
13 to 242:1
25 to 362:1
Any 1 Number35:1
2 Number Combo17:1
3 Number Combo11:1
4 Number Combo8:1
6 Number Combo5:1
0,1,2,3 Combo8:1

European Roulette

The other variation is called European Roulette. And this one is more in favor of the player to place wagers with. Let’s take a look at an example of a classic European Roulette game courtesy of Bovada casino.

Do you notice the difference here compared to the American version? Earlier, we said we would talk about the double zero, here is where it comes into play. There is only one “0” on the table and not a “00.” This reduces the odds of the table by having fewer possible outcomes.

Online roulette free

In American Roulette, with the “00” on the table, you have 38 numbers, including 0 and 00. In the European variation, with the 0 on the board, you only have 37 possible outcomes. This may not seem like a lot, but it’s actually an incredibly significant change.

Earlier, we mentioned the house edge and how European Roulette has a lower house edge than its American counterpart. Online Roulette For Real Money

Playing Roulette in the USA

Online Real Roulette Casino

Thanks to the number of online casinos now available, playing real money online roulette in the USA has never been easier. Many different casinos have different software and variations available.

Also, thanks to the advancement of technology, many casinos can offer roulette online. Now, to play roulette in the US, you don’t have to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You can just hop on your computer, all comfy at home, and play roulette online for real money!

The Legality of Real Money Roulette in the United States

Live Online Casino Roulette

Playing real money roulette online in the United States is legal to do. Some states have different laws on gambling and gambling online. However, on a federal level, no one has ever been prosecuted for playing real money casino games online.

If you want to learn more about the legality of playing online casino games in the US, you can visit our dedicated legal section by clicking the link below.

Legal Online Casinos

How to Play Roulette Online for Real Money

Now, we’ll go over the steps of how to get started playing online roulette for real money.

Step #1 – Find a Reputable Casino

Before you can play roulette for real money, you need to find a reputable casino to play at. If you ignore this step, you could be in for a world of trouble.

Unfortunately, as with many things in the world, not all online casinos are made the same.

Some casinos exist only to try and scam you. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research and found the casinos that are legit and fair to play at.

All the casinos you will find here at have been vetted by our team of experts. They have all been put through our rigorous review process. If you’re interested in learning more about that, you can do so here.

Step #2 – Make a Real Money Deposit

To play roulette real money, you need to fund your online casino account. Most roulette online casinos will have many different banking methods. Because of this, you can rest assured you will be able to find the right option for you.

After you’ve made your deposit, it’s time to get ready to win real money from playing roulette online!

Step #3 – Win Real Money by Playing Roulette Online!

Winning! This step is absolutely the best. As long as you have found the reputable casino where you can safely and securely deposit your money, you’re in for a great time!

Playing and winning at the casinos we recommend will ensure you that you’re on the way to playing the best real money online roulette.

Roulette Apps for Real Money

There are so many apps out there today that it would be impossible to try them all. If you want to spend all your time scouring through apps to find ones that will work, you could do that! Or, if you know your time is precious, you can let us do the work for you.

Online live roulette casino game

We have a page dedicated to the best online casino apps that also includes real money roulette games and many others.

Playing Real Money Roulette Online

Playing roulette for real money online is no different than going to a casino in Vegas and putting some money down on the tables. A question we often get is about whether or not online roulette is rigged. We’ll cover this in our FAQ section.

Another aspect of playing roulette online is getting used to doing things virtually. One of the draws for people in roulette at the casinos is the atmosphere. There are people all around, there’s the sound of the ball spinning, and you’re waiting in anticipation for it to land.

You can replicate all that and more with online casinos! One way to do this is with live dealer roulette casinos. Live dealer games are one of the closest experiences you can get to the real thing. You will have an actual person dropping the ball and spinning the roulette wheel via webcam!

You have all the sights and sounds of playing roulette for money, except for the crowds. So, with all of this, we only have one question to ask, “What are you waiting for?”

Real Money Roulette FAQ

Here, we’ll go over a few of the most common questions we get about how to play roulette real money games.

  • We get this question often because many people out there will claim that they are “roulette experts” or have “perfect strategy.” Don’t believe these people. There are games you can play to reduce the house edge, but the number or color that ball ends up on is pure chance.

    If you want to play online roulette for real money or play at the tables in Vegas, rest assured there is no way to cheat the system.

  • Online roulette is not rigged. However, we can only say that it is not rigged at trustworthy online casinos. As we stated earlier, some casinos only exist to scam you. A way that they can do this is by rigging games.

    We’ve made sure that all the roulette casinos we recommend are licensed and fair to play at.

  • There are apps that you can play roulette with, but none where you can play free roulette and win real money. There are some that you can play and win money by watching ads and playing the casino games, but none where you can wager play money and win real money.

    So, make sure you only use the apps or mobile casinos of the reputable online casinos that we recommend here at

  • Can US Residents Legally Play Online Roulette for Real Money?

    Yes, residents of America can play online roulette for real money legally. Just be sure you check with your local state law professionals if you have any questions or concerns. We are not lawyers and don’t intend for this to be taken as legal advice.