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    Space Heating

    HTP's space heating boilers provide ultimate comfort and the best overall efficiency ratings while keeping maintenance and operating costs to a minimum. With a HTP high efficiency boiler you can achieve the heat your family or business needs while also saving money and energy.


    • • Elite FT
    • • Elite Premier
    • • Elite UltraNew
    • • Elite Fire Tube UltraNew
    • • Pioneer
    • • UFT


    • • Elite FT
    • • Elite Premier
    • • Elite XL
    • • UFT


    • • ELU/EFTU Cascade KitNew
    • • ELU/EFTU Common Vent KitNew
    • • Elite XL Stack RackNew
    • • Elite XL System Flow Kit New
    • • HTP Link New
    • • ModBus BACnet
    • • PolyPro Vent System
    • • Zone Manifold System
    • • The Universal Stand

    Not sure which type of space heater is right for you? Learn more by viewing our space heating selection guide

  • Water Heating

    Water Heating


    Gas Series
    • • Phoenix
    • • Phoenix Light Duty
    • • Phoenix Multi-Fit
    • • Crossover Floor
    • • Everlast Mini Tank
    • • Everlast Point of Use
    • • Everlast Residential
    • • Everlast Light Duty
    Gas Series
    Electric Series


    Gas Series
    • • Phoenix
    • • Phoenix Multi-Fit
    • • Phoenix Plus
    • • Phoenix Sanitizer
    • • Crossover Floor
    • • Everlast Mini Tank
    • • Everlast Point of Use
    • • Everlast Light Duty
    • • Everlast 3 Element
    • • Everlast Medium Duty
    • • Everlast Grid-Enabled
    Gas Series
    Electric Series

    Supply Boilers

    • • Elite Premier VWH
    • • Elite XL VWH


    • • PH/PHM/PHP Common Vent KitNew

    HTP has several water heating options for your needs: tank type water heaters, tankless water heaters, our Crossover series water heaters, or supply boilers. HTP also has models for both your residential or commercial needs.

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  • Indirect Water Heating

    Indirect Water Heating

    HTP's Indirect Water Heaterscan be a part of your combination heating system whether you need indirect tanks or storage tanks for your residential or commercial needs.

    • • SuperStor Contender
    • • SuperStor Ultra
    • • SuperStor Ultra Max New
    • • SuperStor Pro Pool
    • • SuperStor Pro
    • • Large Volume

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  • Combination Appliances

    Combination Appliances

    Combination appliances save homeowners money on operating expenses, reduces overall installation costs, and takes up less space than traditional space heating and hot water appliances.

    Floor and Wall Combis

    • • Elite UltraNew
    • • Elite Fire Tube UltraNew
    • • UFT Wall and Floor Combination Boiler

    Phoenix Series

    • • Phoenix w/Air Handler
    • • Phoenix Light Duty w/Air Handler

    Versa Series

    • • Versa Hydro
    • • Versa Hydro Solar


    • • ELU/EFTU Common Vent KitNew
  • Comfort Solutions

    Comfort Solutions

    HTP's Comfort Solutions add to our already extensive line of advanced space heating and water heating options. Our comfort solutions provide ultimate control and satisfaction for both homeowners and business owners alike.

    Check back often as more comfort solutions are coming soon!

  • Solar

    Solar Solutions

    Choosing solar heating pays! Solar heating saves you money by cutting your electricity or gas use, diminshes CO2 gasses that pollute our air, and more.

    Solar Tanks/Water Heaters

    • • Large Volume Solar Tank
    • • Phoenix Solar Tank
    • • Phoenix Light Duty Tank
    • • Solar Drain Back Tank
    • • Superstor Solar Tank
    • • Superstor Pro Solar Tank
    • • Versa-Hydro Solar Tank

    Your favorite HTP water heaters and tanks have gone solar!

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SAM - Red Mitted Tabby Male Munchkin Kitten. Can Come Home 3/9/2021. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES OF SAM. Pet Price: $1,800.00. Breeding Rights Optionally Available For Additional $800. Sam is a handsome Red Mitted Tabby Male Munchkin kitten that was born on. His mother is Fancy and his father is Chips Ahoy. Munchkin is one of my favorite games, but many of my friends think it's too complicated to play or enjoy. In this video, I do my best to simplify the basics.

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For all Munchkin-related product information & enquiries. Customer Service Email: Customer Service Number: 1300 667 137 Customer Service Hours: 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM. Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Guts and Gory November 2020.

Powergaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, boardgames, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximizing progress towards a specific goal. Other players may consider this disruptive when done to the exclusion of all other considerations, such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. When focusing on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable. This behavior is most often found in games with a wide range of game features, lengthy campaigns or prize tournaments such as massively multiplayer or collectible games.[1] Those wishing to discuss the behavior without pejorative connotation may use the neutral term optimization.


Powergaming in roleplaying games can take several forms. One form is the deliberate creation of optimal player characters (PCs), with the aim of maximising the power the player wields in the game world. This is known as min-maxing, due to the practice of maximising desirable or 'powerful' traits while minimising underpowered or unuseful traits. Such characters often draw criticism for not fitting the theme and tone of the game world or for being difficult to challenge. Another form of powergaming involves a focus on acquiring power during game progression, often by acquiring powerful equipment or unusual abilities. This lends itself to gameplay which is materialistic (and often, in the context of the game world, arguably amoral) and can frustrate other players who are looking to interact with the game world, score points, and not merely acquire game resources.[2] Another term for a powergamer is a munchkin,[3] who may be differentiated from normal powergamers to describe players who seek to acquire power and loot at the expense and disregard of their teammates.[4]

In online text-based role-playing games that emphasize collaborative role-play over acquiring levels or skills, a player can be described as a powergamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in unwanted role-playing. For instance, a player who unilaterally describes his character as doing something with (or to) another character that would usually require the other to play along — such as having a fight or a sexual encounter — is considered to be powergaming.[5] In such games, in which a sense of community and rapport between players is seen as crucial and conducive to the game's overall well-being, powergaming is generally regarded as extremely offensive behaviour if it is not stated in the rules as being a bannable offense. It is often seen as synonymous with twinking or godmoding.

In video games, powergamers enjoy being at the bleeding edge of progression of their selected game, taking part in every activity that yields the fastest progression, and bypassing the 'lesser' activities or any other secondary job/trait/skill.[6] This is a wide generalization however. A gamer that likes to maximise all aspects of the game and do so in an expedient manner is also classified as a powergamer, often seeing more of the world than the 'average' player would.

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  • Roll-playing vs. Roleplaying on TopMudSites, by Wes Platt. An article on the basics of role-play as opposed to 'roll-play' in text-based environments.
  • A Powergamer's guide to Life, a satire in which real life is treated as an online game to be powergamed.

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