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Welcome to Graal Classic, an MMORPG with a retro-look. Play with hundreds of players world-wide, explore the world and use various weapons and tools. Customize your character, make friends, form guilds, explore, quest, build a house, and more! Welcome to the GraalOnline Classic Wiki! This Wiki's goal is to remain a vast, knowledgeable source for all things Graal. What is GraalOnline Classic?

Gani stands for Graal Animation and is a text-based container format for animation, sounds and scripts. There are many animation files for the player: that includes basic actions like idle, walk, swim and grab, but also weapons like sword, bow and bomb. The Gani file describes where to display graphics and when to play sound effects. QUESTION: When I started GraalOnline it only says 'Graal.exe corrupted'! ANSWER: The game checks for the checksum of Graal.exe. If it's incorrect, then there is a virus on your machine or a similar program that manipulates executables (some older virus checkers do so).

August 31st
Classic Launch Date Announcement
Graal Online Classic

As per the video below, the new version of the original Graal Classic is officially launching on Wednesday September 5th.

For more information visit:

August 30th
Sequel To The Message
August 24th
The Message

Mysterious announcement:

August 3rd
Classic - Scheduled Events

An events hosting night has been scheduled for Saturday August 11th, at the same time of 10 PM GMT/5 PM EST !

Graal Online Classic Game

July 2nd
Classic (PC) - Scheduled Events

With playercount peaking at 35, and event hosting lasting for over 4 hours, it's fair to say the scheduled event hosting night went well.

A 2nd event hosting night has now been scheduled for Saturday July 14th, the same time of 10 PM GMT/5 PM EST.

Once again, Classic has been redeveloped from scratch over the past 3 years, and is nearing its planned level of completion for going live. It can be visited by typing 'Classic' into the servername box on login.

July 1st

It's that time again! Double-point week is back on Era, all week!

  • Every gang kill awards you and your gang two gang points, plus twice the normal * money for the kill
  • Every kill you get counts as two kills toward your next health level (say '/hp')
  • Every event you win gives you 2 EC (or RC)
  • Every rock you mine counts as two rocks toward your next mining level (same for recycling and flower picking)
June 20th

For once on Era, something's exploded. Log on Era this weekend to experience post-apocalyptic Era, where martial law has all but failed. Participate in events, spar tournaments, and gang raids while you still can. Don't worry—the radiation won't kill you. Probably.

June 20th
June 20th
Classic (PC) - Scheduled Events

Graal Online Classic Upload

Steadily but surely, for the past 3 years Graal Classic has been redeveloped from scratch.
Since the completion of planned Quest content in January, development has been focussed towards our events. Now that the foundations are in place, as well as a reasonable quantity of single player and team based events, the server is at last closing in on being ready to go live.

Graal Online Classic Plus

We would like to invite players to participate within scheduled event hosting nights, which we hope to hold on a bi-weekly basis throughout the later stages of Classic's development.
This shall begin on Saturday 30th June, 10 PM GMT/5 PM EST.

Some of Classic's events can be seen in action by visiting the server's YouTube channel - Graal Classic the Adventure

For those who may not know, the server can be accessed by entering 'Classic' in the server name box on the login screen. First time visitors may be pleasantly surprised by the work that's been put towards the game.

June 9th

It's that time again. Time for Era's fifth IRONMAN TOURNAMENT.

Graal Online Classic Status Fonts

The ironman tournament is a monthly competition held on Era to pick the best events player. The tournament consists of a series of events, both PK and non-PK, and lasts several hours.

The tournament will begin at 4:00 PM EST on Saturday, June 9th. Participants will rack up a point for each event they win. Don't bother entering if you're not the best of the best.

Graal Online Classic Upload

More details will be available in the coming days in this forum thread.