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Free MMOs: RPGs and other massively multiplayer greats. The best MMORPG games and massive multiplayer games you can play in 2020 without spending a single dime, penny, or cent. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Multiplayer products on Steam.

Free online multiplayer games for kids- no download

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Because of the pandemic, everyone has to be quarantined. People cannot go out or go to work, so they all find new things to have fun in their lives in their free time. To spend their time, people found the best multiplayer browser games in 2021.

There are games that you can play online with your friends; you don’t need any console or high-quality hardware devices. You can easily open your browser, search for the game, and play it with your friends.

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There are 18 best multiplayer browser games, which you need to know about immediately.

Best Multiplayer Browser Games

1. Prodigy

The best multiplayer browser games you can play is Prodigy. The game is quite popular, and it has nearly about 50 million players connected. It is an enormous role-playing game to play. It would help if you fought a battle to go close to open the magical academy. We can say it is an adventurous game to play with your friends.

  • It improves the math skills of the children while playing the game.
  • The game boosts the confidence level of the player.
  • You travel the world in the game.
  • It has an enjoyable method to attract kids to play the game.
  • It would be best if you fought with the dangerous creatures in the game.

Prodigy enhances the skills of the kids.


I think everyone remembered Nokia’s snake game which was just incredible. Many of you do remember. In this browser game, you will get a chance to play with neon snakes. The version of allows competing with other neon snakes for competition and supremacy.

When the other snake dies and grows longer then the beam comes across the field where the snake eats up the cubes. But one thing is important to be noted that you must not run into other snakes’ cubes or else your cubes will be changed into its original size.

3. RuneScape

In the year 2001, RuneScape was developed for the first time where it has the feature of MMORPG embedded into it. This browser game was developed by Jagex in January 2001. One can select the skill in which they want to train themselves perfectly. Several skills include Combat, Artisan, Elite, Support, and Gathering. By enhancing your skills, you will get to more advanced stages of the browser game that will help to complete the quests. This is a multiplayer game that allows competing with more than one competitor at a time.


The browser game allows multiplayer gaming in which more than one player can play the game with other gamers. You can use single arrow keys to steer the race and to reach the checkpoints timely to gain a competitive advantage in the gaming world. One can have the advantage of changing the speed of the car by boosting it or by slowing down the speed of the car during the game.

One can take several power-ups to boost speed. It’s an easy game which is easy to play.

5. BrowserQuest

The browser game BrowserQuest provides a different digital world to gamers where they can enjoy the game at their fullest. You can step into the game with the shoes of the warrior in the search of friends, treasure and an adventurous adventure.

You can defeat the enemies on your own or with the group of people and then collect the loot so that you can stay for a longer time in the game with a greater number of lives.

6. Everybody Edits

EveryBody edits is a multiplayer platform that is developed by Chris Benjaminsen which is a real-time game with multiple features. You can make your levels and try to complete that to get respective badges after the completion. There are two options available in the game which include ‘play the game’ and play with the game option.

7. AdventureQuest

AdventureQuest is a browser game that can be played easily with the help of several characters. You can select the character and class as per your convenience or choice. You have to fight against the monsters. Several personalities are present starting from ninja, wizard, fighter, rogue, etc.

The game is full of magical powers that ha hundreds of items and more than 500 monsters. You can take part in dozens of quests to win more and become stronger in the game to get other powerful characters in the progress.

Free Online Multiplayer Games With Friends

8. Pokémon Showdown

This is online battle game loved by adults and children. It is similar to the Pokémon video games that exist without any waiting or rest time in the levels. You can directly play for battle in the game.

You can make a preference team for Pokémon where any random people can join to play with you. And help you out in the battles. You need to beat them all rather than to catch them.

Free online multiplayer games

9. Neopets

Neopets was developed in the year 1999, by Adam and Donna Powell who realized one of the best browser games in the gaming world. It is a pet website where the players can have their virtual pets to take care off using neo cash.


With the browser game, you can play the game, through drawing things. Where you can draw and then guess and finally you can win the levels. This is an online game played by 10 people at a time.

11. Isleward

The first game we are going to talk about is Isleward. It is one of the best multiplayer browser games on the market. In Isleward, you get in the city named Stratford. Here you explore the city and battle up with your enemies. You get to kill the monsters to level up your game. In the game, you choose your character and play it with him.


  • Isleward is a game where you get elements like MMOs to RPGs.
  • It is a low-resolution game, and it doesn’t take much internet data.
  • In Isleward, you can play with your friends and explore the city with them.
  • It is the inter-player trading UI and also has an options menu.
  • Isleward has inventory UI customization.

Here are some of the features of Isleward, and you can play it with your friends anytime, anywhere.


Have you ever played a snake game on Nokia phones? If you have played the snake game, get ready to experience the nostalgia. entirely comes in the category of best multiplayer browser games. It is the same as the snake game which you used to play on the old Nokia phones. In, you are a snake. The more you eat, the more you get bigger.


  • The best feature of is that you can customize your snake. You can make it scary or friendly; it is your choice.
  • The good part is you don’t have to register to play; you can put or nickname and start playing the game.
  • It is available in iOS, web browsers, and Android phones as well.
  • It has a boost feature which helps you to defeat your opponents.
  • You can trap opponents in the game and force them to collide with you. is the perfect game to play in your free time.

13. Treasure Arena

Another game which you can play in your free time is Treasure Arena. It is a fun multiplayer game, and you can thoroughly enjoy playing it with your friends. You will be in a dangerous dungeon in the game where you have to fight for misplaced treasure. The good thing is you get considerable powers to stay alive while finding the treasure.

  • In Treasure Arena, you can be back after being killed till the time is left.
  • You and your two friends can play online the Treasure Arena game.
  • You get numerous weapons like bows, rockets, and bombs.
  • To survive the game, you can jump, dodge, and block the enemy.
  • In the game, you need to collect more coins to win it.

Treasure Arena is one of the popular multiplayer browser games amongst kids.

Free Online Multiplayer Games

14. War Brokers

Players who love challenges are going to love the War Brokers game. You get to complete missions in the game. The player faces so many hurdles in the game to battle with the enemies and explodes their missiles. It is the battle royale mode game. If you love to take fights in the game, you can choose War brokers as one of the best multiplayer browser games.

  • In War Brokers, you discover helicopters and vehicles to operate.
  • The good part is you don’t have to sign up to enter the game.
  • You get rewards to kill enemies in the game.
  • It is a first-person team shooter game.
  • In-game, you get guns, rifles, and snipers to kill your enemies.

War Brokers is the game for the ones who like to play battle royale games.

15. Town of Salem

The Town of Salem game is an exciting game to play with your friends. Here you get a chance to choose a character from three options. One is Townsperson, which is good, next is Mafia, which is terrible, and the last one is neutral. Afterward, you play with your character according to its abilities. If you have chosen Townsperson, you need to track and prevent them from defeating the town’s people.

  • The Town of Salem has the night phase, which changes the whole game.
  • It is a role-playing game and dares you to be a conspiracy liar.
  • It is a strategic game, where it can be intense, and somewhere it becomes fun to play.
  • The Werewolf inspires the game.
  • You can discuss the game with your friends via text messages.

The Town of Salem is considered as one of the most played games amongst youth.

16. Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of loathing is one of the oldest browser games in the market. By being so old, it is still a popular game amongst youngsters. The game is fun and also a pun-based. If you have to elaborate the game, then it more likes a dungeon game. Because of its interface, the game seems more intense and severe.

  • There are numerous and impressive characters you get to pick in the game.
  • All the characters in the game have hilarious abilities.
  • The game has a web interface.
  • It is turn-based-role-playing-game.
  • The game has hand-drawn stick figure graphics.

The Kingdom of loathing is a fun game to play.

17. RuneScape

RuneScape is another multiplayer browser game that you can play in your free time and can have fun with your friends while playing it. Jagex develops the game. It takes you to the vast, fiction realm of Gielinor. The more you play the game and raise your level more interesting it gets.

  • The game has more than 200 adventurous quests.
  • By playing the game, you get skilled in Combat, Artisan, and Elite.
  • You get a train in the skill you choose.
  • You explore the world filled with diverse races in the quests.
  • You get the master’s badge after enhancing your skills.

RuneScape is an excellent game to improve your skills in various aspects.

18. Final Boss

As the name suggests, you become a final boss in the game. The concept of the game is pretty impressive. You have always played heroes in every game, but you get to be a boss who kills the heroes in Final Boss. The fantastic concept attracts kids to play the game, and they enjoy playing it with their friends.

  • In the game, you earn gold after killing the heroes.
  • You get to pick the character from the six bosses.
  • Every boss in the game has immense power.
  • The good part is there are four different scenarios in the game.
  • By earning the gold, you get sharp skills to kill the heroes.

The final boss is one of the interesting multiplayer browser games in the market.

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