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Monopoly Big Event by Barcrest RTP: 99% Monopoly is a well-known game and one we all love. Casino Slot Game Developer – the best paying slots in Vegas or at the top online casinos have been developed by trusted casino game developers. So, if you want the best paying slots, play games developed by RTG, Arrow’s Edge, Rival Gaming and Betsoft amongst others. At licensed web casinos, the best slots to choose are Betsoft because their games range between 95%-99% in return to player percentages (RTP). These percentages are worked out over hundreds of spins when they’re developed and as they are played by real people.

Player opinion about a particular online casino largely depends on their personal experience. When lucky, they have a positive impression. But if they don’t win the satisfying amount of money, they consider casino is a scam. This is the wrong way of thinking. Return to player doesn’t correlate with the level of integrity when it comes to licensed casinos that offer original games.

Our Picks for the Top Online Casinos with Best Paying Slots The top online casinos is really a matter of personal opinion. We love the bonuses available at Liberty Slots Casino. You'll often find free spins and deposit bonus combos if you try a specific slot game. When it comes to the process of searching for the best paying online gambling platform, punters should look for the payouts before moving any further. In fact, the choice of the highest paying online casino in New Zealand is a must to ensure that your gambling experience is not only entertaining but also financially viable.

Casino games always take more than they return. The allocation of returns isn’t uniform. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be anything exciting about gambling. What players can do, however, is to choose games that offer higher theoretical return. That can boost their chances of winning.

Table and card games have fixed RTPs, but slots are different. Many slot suppliers release several versions of the same title, and each version has different RTP. Depending on the selected version, operator would be more or less generous in case of that particular slot. That’s why you really need to pay attention to RTP of the slot version that you play.

If you want the highest paying casino, you’ve got to check RTP settings of the titles you want to play. And this method really works, unlike “secret and magical” betting strategies. However, you should always remember that casino winnings always remain random, and games don’t have to return theoretical RTP to each player. So, you still can be down even when playing highest possible RTP version. Always make sure you play original and not fake games, otherwise knowing RTP is useless as casinos can manipulate it.

Which Casinos Have Highest Slot RTP Settings?

Checking RTP will soon be a new routine for experienced players, because the number of developers joining adjustable RTPs constantly grows. The same slot can have 90% RTP in one casino and 96% in another one. This is absolutely legit since each version is licensed. The only problem is players might be unaware of the existence of less generous versions and mistakenly think that they play slot that has RTP value advertised by the developer.


As long as players aware of that possibility, that’s legit. But casinos and developers aren’t straightforward about that making players feel scammed. It’s unlikely that one particular casino will have all slots with lowest or highest RTPs. That’s why you should approach every slot in every casino separately to create your own rating of top best paying gambling sites.

How to Check Slot RTP?

You definitely should check how much particular slot versions you load are designed to return, because the difference can be substantial. For instance, some versions pay back 84% of the wagers, while others 96%. No one would knowingly want a slot with lower returns. That’s why RTP is often hidden in the game rules.

Highest Paying Online Casino Slots

But sometimes finding RTP is possible only by inspecting the slot page code. Such difficulties arise with Play’n GO video slots. But most of the time you can easily find this information in the game rules. Starting from 2020 Starburst by NetEnt has different versions with different RTPs. To see what version gets loaded, you need to access game rules by clicking a tiny question mark at the bottom of the screen, then scroll down to see RTP.

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The same applies to Microgaming slots and many others. Clicking question mark opens the separate window where you should find Return to Player (RTP). Microgaming joined this adjustable RTP trend in 2020. But just like NetEnt, it creates different versions for a limited number of their titles, most probably because each version must be licensed across multiple jurisdictions.

Top Casinos That Pay Winnings

Best Paying Online Casino Games

High RTP won’t do any good if casinos you play at don’t want to withdraw winnings. Some players don’t think about withdrawals until they get something to cash out. But this is very important. Before depositing it’s always safer to read player reviews and complaints to see if the operator is unreasonably stalling withdrawals and account verification.